Vendere Partners VP Sean O’Neil Listed as One of 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management

DALLAS, TX, December 6, 2012 — Sean O’Neil, co-founder and vice president of Dallas, TX-based lead generation company, Vendere Partners, has been voted one of the 50 most influential people in sales lead management by members of the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA). Winners were announced December 5, 2012.

“The election of the 50 most influential people in sales lead management is an event sponsored annually by the SLMA. Winners are both nominated and voted for by their peers,” explained Ronald P. Goodman, vice president of business development at the SLMA. “This year well over 2,200 people participated in the voting. The men and women chosen were chosen because of their exemplary performance in furthering all aspects of sales lead generation and management.”

According to the SLMA website, O’Neil was nominated for helping Vendere Partners add 250 companies to its client list and achieve a 25% increase in growth in 2012, and for helping Vendere Partners’ Fortune 100 clients, including HP and Intel, experience significant growth in 2012.

“It is certainly an honor to be considered one of the most influential people in sales lead management,” said O’Neil. “It’s evidence that even in a challenging economy, it is possible to achieve and succeed through innovation—and hard work. It’s rewarding and inspiring to be recognized for those things.”

O’Neil is the only Dallas-Ft. Worth area lead generation professional included in the SLMA list of winners, and one of only two winners headquartered in Texas.

The full list of winners can be found at the Sales Lead Management Association website. 

About Vendere Partners:

Jim Alkire and Sean O’Neil founded Vendere Partners in 2003. The company, headquartered in Dallas, TX, works with national and international clients to drive revenue by providing B2B lead generation, converged sales and marketing, sales management consulting, and B2B sales outsourcing services. For nearly a decade, Vendere has undertaken lead generation and sales and marketing initiatives with clients based in a variety of industries, including the technology industry, a market in which Vendere has met significant success. Vendere’s proprietary database, which holds information on more than 4,000,000 contacts, along with the company’s wide array of sales tools and resources, have enabled it to experience significant growth despite the recent recession. All of Vendere’s solutions and services are designed to be measurable and result in quantifiable data. Today, Vendere continues to work to provide additional sales and marketing technology and tools to the sales industry through in-depth research, product development, and high-level market intelligence. For more information, visit