Qualified Appointment Setting

Our sales appointments are made by trained prospect managers and can be delivered to you daily.

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Audience Acquisition

Our event marketing and registrant-to-attendee conversion services will ensure your next event is a success.

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Lead Qualification, Scoring & Nurturing

We use criteria you help set to obtain and classify leads, then nurture leads throughout every step of the sales process.

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B2B Lead Generation

In order for you and the channel partners that are selling your products and services to succeed, you have to have the right sales and marketing support programs in place.  Without the right support programs, sales-related operations become increasingly complex, scattered, and eventually, unmanageable.  Channel partner relationships become strained, or worse, stop cold—along with the money you could have made as a result of them.

Whether you sell directly to end-users, have one channel partner, or multiple channel partners, Vendere Partners’ B2B lead generation services can help you maintain healthy business relationships and achieve optimal sales numbers.

Through qualified appointment setting, event audience acquisition, and lead qualification, scoring, and nurturing, Vendere generates leads, drives event attendance, and fills companies’ sales funnels with the quality leads they need to increase profits and expand their businesses.


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