Lead Qualification, Scoring & Nurturing

Vendere’s lead qualification, scoring, and nurturing services empower you to make the most out of your sales and marketing efforts.

You can be doing all of the right things: putting out articles and case studies, making regular blog posts, capturing visitor data submitted through online forms, hosting webinars and sales events, engaging in focused search engine optimization, and taking full advantage of social media, but if you’re not qualifying and scoring the leads your marketing efforts are generating, you’re never going to achieve the sales numbers you could be achieving.

Vendere clearly identifies which leads are hot, warm, and need nurturing by working with you to define qualification criteria and scoring parameters. We then use customized telemarketing and e-marketing campaigns to present you with the data you need to focus your sales efforts on the leads that are going to bring in sales now. Lead qualification and scoring data can also be used to create new sales goals, better understand your client base and competition, and for forecasting.

Lead nurturing is about building prospect relationships and ripening sales opportunities. Through lead nurturing, we maintain a dialog with prospects and become trusted advisors. Maintaining a dialog is critical for ensuring that good opportunities aren’t lost over time. Like Vendere’s lead qualification and scoring services, lead nurturing ties in directly with converged sales and marketing.


  • A bridge between marketing and sales
  • Focused sales efforts
  • Receipt of lead qualification and scoring data weekly, daily, or hourly
  • Ability to begin increasing sales immediately
  • Ability to develop better sales goals
  • Market intelligence and competitor data
  • Improved forecasting capabilities
  • Decreased legwork and increased profitability
  • A closed-loop feedback process and reporting that confirms return on investment

Our experience with Vendere Partners was very positive—from the planning phase to the training, all the way through the customer lead nurturing and weekly reporting. We were very satisfied with the quality of the customer nurturing skills and the resources Vendere Partners assigned to our project. Our project was a survey follow-up and lead nurture initiative that passed the contacts to our authorized business partners. The value add Vendere provided to us was their ability to nurture survey responses and develop those into solid contacts, as well as integrate that data into our PRM system.

— North America Channel Marketing Director ; Red Hat