Our Approach

Vendere Partners has extensive experience in developing full-scale sales and marketing solutions for the following industries:

  • Technology
  • Life Science
  • Retail
  • Supply Chain/Logistics
  • Advertising
  • Consulting
  • Healthcare
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing/Distributing
  • Hospitality/Travel
  • Education
  • Financial Services

Hands-on experience in the daily sales operations of each of the above industries has allowed our team to amass the knowledge required to minimize expenses, increase day-to-day profitability, boost annual revenues, and ultimately, build successful businesses. By working directly with owners and sales managers to develop a deep understanding of their business goals and unique company characteristics, we are able to leverage our expertise and maximize the productivity of companies’ internal sales and outsourced sales teams.

Our success is a direct result of the experience our management team has had with selling high-end B2B solutions. Most companies that offer B2B lead generation services are either marketing firms or sales outsourcing firms that don’t offer end-to-end sales and marketing solutions. At Vendere, we strive to do more. We have leveraged and will continue to leverage our vast experience in the B2B market in order to provide comprehensive sales and marketing solutions.

We recognize that the only way that we will meet our professional and business goals is by seeing that your business is successful. This is why we work to ensure that all Vendere representatives, from those at the executive level to those working the phones, have the experience, information, and technology required to properly execute each campaign we launch. We believe our personal approach and ability to provide a wide range of solutions set us apart from the competition by a very wide margin. ADAPT – Our five-step process for adapting our services and solutions to your business:

A : Awareness

Awareness is the first phase of ADAPT, but it actually occurs continually throughout the ADAPT process. During awareness, discovery and setup occurs. We build your company profile by gaining an understanding of your go-to-market strategy, the products, services, and solutions you offer, and the target audiences we’ll be prospecting on your behalf. We gather all of the materials we’ll need to build out prospect lists, train employees, draw up scripts, manage logistics, and work within your current customer relationship management system.

D : Disclosure

During the disclosure phase of ADAPT, we determine what it will take to build your sales force by creating accurate employee profiles. We take all of the information gained during the initial awareness phase and create job descriptions that will enable us to match you with the right prospect managers. We understand the importance of matching clients with employees who have experience in their industries, in addition to sales experience. We do not simply hire people off of the street. We look for sales professionals that have the job experience that will enable them to hit the ground running.

A : Attainment

The third phase of ADAPT is the attainment phase. During this phase, we assign the right prospect managers to the client. The right prospect managers may already be in-house or recruited. We then complete initial training. Training will continue to take place throughout each campaign.

P : Production

During production, we launch your campaign. We make and record calls, analyze daily conversation levels, converge sales and marketing through high-level e-marketing, and make adjustments to sales strategies and processes as needed.

T : Treatment

Treatment is the final phase of ADAPT. We perform in-depth analyses to determine what’s working well and what isn’t working as well. During treatment, we take into heavy consideration your big picture goals and measure our progress against them. Multiple reports are generated and analyzed to ensure that we are successfully adapting to meet your needs in all areas.