Sales Management Consulting

Once you have clearly defined the areas in which your sales team is excelling and the areas in which improvements need to be made, you can better determine how to maximize assets, adjust operations, and implement new processes.

The Vendere Partners management team has learned what it takes for sales managers to get optimal results through past experience. Our sales management consulting services will address the ways in which sales managers should plan, organize, implement, monitor, and streamline all sales operations and processes.

We recognize that when it comes to sales, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Because of this, all of our recommendations are customized to suit each individual client’s needs. Furthermore, we work to ensure that all of our recommendations are measurable and that results can be translated into quantifiable data.

Sales Management Consulting Deliverables

After our lead management consultants analyze your current sales processes and gain a thorough understanding of your business goals, Vendere will provide you with a customized sales management package. This package includes:

  • Assessments of your current sales-related assets and strategies
  • Evaluations of your strengths and vulnerabilities
    • Gaps in performance
    • Holes in sales funnel
    • Growth potential
    • Sales pipeline capacity
  • Systems integration recommendations (including telesales, e-sales, and customer response management systems recommendations)
  • Best sales staff recruiting practices
  • Lead-building and prospect-targeting guidelines
  • Cold calling best practices
  • Sales presentation recommendations
  • Sales best practices based on current market, like companies, and competitors
  • Other recommendations based on your company’s unique characteristics

All of our packages are designed to give sales managers all the information they need to run their departments independently. If we uncover that significant cost-savings might be gained by outsourcing certain sales processes, we will include additional information on outsourcing potential within our recommendations.

Vendere was able to seamlessly integrate with our sales force and identify several opportunities for our organization which led to immediate monthly recurring revenue for our business.

— V.P. North American Sales ; Data Return (now Verizon)