“We worked with Vendere to completely rewrite our website’s content. To encourage new memberships, we needed content that really captured the amazing experiences our members have at our country club/family retreat. We also needed content that reflected the real estate opportunities available to our members. The Vendere writer we worked with actually visited us on site and interviewed various members of our staff. She was friendly, thorough, and needed only minimal guidance throughout the project, which included developing original content for more than 50 web pages. Vendere clearly understands the hospitality business.” — Hospitality/Real Estate ; Merchandising Manager“I would like to thank you for not only finding me a number of opportunities to explore, but for finding me some good quality qualified prospects. Every call has been a good one. Thank you for your professionalism and I hope we engage you and your company on some further campaigns. I have enjoyed working with you.” — IT Infrastructure ; Account Executive“The appointments are long, have sense of urgency and match the solutions we provide. Our Prospect Manager was on the call for the managed services piece and went straight in and brought up the topic with the prospect for the warm hand off. We have an awesome relationship Vendere!” — Managed Services ; Director of Sales“Vendere was more expensive than the other providers I looked at, but I went with them anyway. I felt through the review process that we were going to spend more time getting to know my business, and they have. Our results have been great. They’ve gotten us at least 2 times as many appointments as we had originally expected. We are getting a solid return on our investment.” — Safety Software ; General Manager“One thing I like about Vendere is the willingness of everyone on staff to work with you and they all put forth great effort to really understand your business. The process is efficient and they are always looking for ways to improve and grow. No matter what request I have had, each member on staff has worked with me and tried to make the process go smoothly. We are very happy with Vendere and always look to them when ordering telemarketing campaigns.” — MSP & Tech Solution Provider ; Marketing“I have had an excellent experience working with Vendere. They have an in-depth understanding of our goals and will do what it takes to meet those goals. We have utilized their services for audience acquisition and appointment-setting campaigns, both with outstanding results. I appreciate their effort so far and look forward to working with them in the future.” — Enterprise Technology Solutions ; Director of Marketing


“As a course of business we have worked with several firms that provide business development and event support. None has come close to the total package Vendere has put in place. We anticipated that we would get the usual mixture of qualified and non-qualified attendees at our event, and to our surprise each of the attendees present as a result of Vendere’s efforts were highly qualified. We also have enjoyed the weekly follow-up since the event, and the quality of the additional appointments booked on our behalf. Unqualified success, and a strong ROI for us.” — VOlP, Mobility and Video Conferencing Solutions ; President“Vendere has the best customer target lists I have ever encountered. The customer’s information is real and the contact information is up to date. Vendere has a proven process for telemarketing and walks you through a methodical process to garner best results. They are the best telemarketing company I have ever used.” — Infrastructure Technology Services ; Marketing“I am always eager to get started when we have a campaign with Vendere. Everyone on the Vendere team is professional and very easy to work with and, best of all, they produce quality leads that generate real opportunity for us. Their process is unique and very efficient in order to ensure that appointments are met, and to our satisfaction. I look forward to continue partnering with Vendere in our future marketing initiatives!” — Managed IT Services ; Sales“Vendere has exceeded my expectations. They are very professional, great at what they do and they have integrated seamlessly into our sales team. They focus on new accounts and still get new opportunities.” — Wireless Transmission ; VP of Sales“What would I say about Vendere Partners? They are able to complete every campaign on target, with deliverables exceeding other companies in their field. Their interaction is professional and goal oriented, with a very positive and friendly approach. We have explored the other options available – and are confident in our decision to stay with Vendere. Vendere delivers, knows what they are doing, and does it with a personal touch. We choose Vendere. BTW – we recommend you do not. We want to keep them all to ourselves. Hands off!!” — Large Reseller and MSP ; Sales“We appreciate Vendere’s clearly defined processes and intentional approach to achieving the goals that we have set as a company. Their customer-focused attitude is very much appreciated.” — Managed Services ; VP of Sales“We’ve found Vendere to be highly professional, process oriented, and results oriented. The high number of weekly face-to-face and/or online meetings was a pleasant surprise. The partnership has opened doors at accounts we’ve never had a dialog with and opened new doors at some of our embedded base clients.” — Intrusion Protection Systems ; VP of Sales“Telemarketing? -Great job!!! Best experience I’ve had in 10 years. I will be hiring them for a synergIT campaign in 2012.” — Technology Services ; Director of Sales and Marketing“We have been very impressed by how well Vendere was able to understand our business, ramp up quickly and get our salespeople in front of the right prospects for us to sell. We have used several other firms that haven’t provided us near the results Vendere has.”— Large Storage Solutions Provider ; Owner/Partner “Vendere was great as always. I made their job a little more difficult by giving them such a hard list, but I know that their efforts were successful in helping drive attendance!”— Networking Solutions ; Marketing Manager“Vendere was able to seamlessly integrate with our sales force and identify several opportunities for our organization which led to immediate monthly recurring revenue for our business.”— Highly Managed Hosting/Data Center/Cloud Solutions Provider ; VP North American Sales“We have engaged Vendere Partners as part of our extended sales team on a number of projects, and we have been very satisfied with their performance. Vendere Partners has helped us increase our sales by prospecting and qualifying contacts in order to drive seminar attendance. They have also provided us qualified leads through callbacks and follow-ups after these events. We have recently expanded our relationship with Vendere Partners to also engage them in outbound cold calling to generate leads and face-to-face meetings for our sales staff. I look forward to our continued relationship with Vendere Partners.”— Growth Equity ; Principal“As an enterprise technology solutions firm, our business development process begins with technology lunch-&-learn seminars for current clients and prospects. We called upon Vendere Partners to drive attendance for several events, and on every occasion, they delivered excellent results and provided amazing customer service. Not only did we reach our numbers, but the right people were in the seats, and that is essential to conducting successful seminars. The callers and account executives at Vendere put forth an amazing effort and understand the importance of communication with clients during campaigns.”— Technology Sales ; Enterprise Sales“One of the hardest tasks of putting together an event is audience acquisition. PCS was looking for a team to help drive attendance for an upcoming event and immediately knew that Vendere Partners was the right choice. We had utilized Vendere’s services in the past for lead generation and appointment setting campaigns and were always beyond satisfied with the results. Based on past experiences, we expected at most a 45-50% attendance rate based on the number of guests registered. Vendere went above and beyond our expectations. All 4 of our events that Vendere worked with us on were filled to capacity with a 77% average attendance to registration conversion rate.”— IT Solutions ; Marketing“Vendere is unique in this business because unlike other companies I’ve worked with in the past, they actually take the time to get to know your business and go beyond the call of duty to ensure you achieve your company’s objectives in both the short and long-term.”— Networking Solutions ; Sales“The event went very well! Ninety customers attended and everyone seemed very pleased.”— Technology Solutions ; Sales“We know that telemarketing in combination with e-mail marketing is necessary to improve the response rates of marketing campaigns, events and activities. Because of that, the Vendere Partners telemarketing team is a key part of our marketing strategy with channel partners. The Vendere Partners team has always been easy to work with, professional and extremely effective at increasing attendance to our joint events, qualifying leads and scheduling appointments for our channel partners.”— Large Hardware/Software Manufacturer ; SAN Channel Marketing Management“We have been very impressed by how well Vendere was able to understand our business, ramp up quickly and direct prospects to tour our facility.”— Colocation/Data Center ; Sales Director“Thank you for everything that you have done for HEIT. Your team has made a big impact here. It was a pleasure to work with a team as enthusiastic and proactive as Vendere.”— Healthcare Security Solutions ; President“Our experience with Vendere Partners was very positive—from the planning phase to the training, all the way through the customer lead nurturing and weekly reporting. We were very satisfied with the quality of the customer nurturing skills and the resources Vendere Partners assigned to our project. Our project was a survey follow-up and lead nurture initiative that passed the contacts to our authorized business partners. The value add Vendere provided to us was their ability to nurture survey responses and develop those into solid contacts, as well as integrate that data into our PRM system.”— Open Source Technology Manufacturer ; North America Marketing Director“My background is purely technical, and I run a technical organization. All our attempts to hire and manage our own salespeople did not work. We simply did not know how to manage the sales process properly. Vendere has changed all that. They apply processes and procedures to sales the way we do to managing technology. Vendere has enabled us to focus on what we do best, and relieved us of a burden we couldn’t manage ourselves. Now, I can’t imagine doing things any other way.”— Managed Services Provider/Reseller ; President