Vendere University

Not all employees join Vendere Partners with an extensive background in lead generation. To help our employees develop into successful sales professionals, we’ve created Vendere University, a training program that gives all Vendere employees the opportunity to learn the art of B2B sales.

At Vendere University, you will be given the opportunity to learn the techniques that will make you successful in:

• Lead generation • Appointment setting
• Lead qualification • Event audience acquisition
• Lead scoring • Prospect profiling
• Lead nurturing • Being a team leader
• Account management • Recruiting
• E-marketing • Measuring results and metrics that matter through reporting
• CRM • Various technologies that supplement marketing efforts
• The solutions we help our clients sell • Selling in the B2B market
• Communication skills • Quality assurance
• Training techniques

Sales isn’t right for everyone. If you don’t have passion for it at the start, a career in sales probably isn’t right for you. However, if you’re serious about sales, Vendere can help you achieve the financial independence and career success that you desire. Rarely will positions that will give you the opportunity to achieve a high level of success become available to you if you don’t have significant prior experience. At Vendere University, we will teach you how to talk the talk and walk the walk, and prepare you for a successful career in sales.

Career opportunities at Vendere include:

• Prospect manager • Team leader
• Account manager • Business development executive
• Marketing support professional • SEO/SEM professional
• Recruiting agent • Call center operations professional
• Database development professional

Sales-driven individuals who seize the opportunity to work and learn at Vendere will reap the benefits. We genuinely hope that “graduates” of Vendere University will go on to blossom, whether they seek upper-level job opportunities within Vendere or outside opportunities.

If you have a passion for sales and want experience in the B2B market, contact us today with your career opportunity inquiry.